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Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion

The Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) creates an opportunity for faculty and staff to explore strategic areas around diversity and improve their ability to contribute to the enhancement of UGA’s welcoming and inclusive environment.

The CDI is a partnership between the Office of Institutional Diversity, Training and Career Development (Human Resources) and other diversity-related offices and programs across the institution.  It enables participants to get a closer look at the people, institutions and initiatives that play a key role in supporting and fostering diversity at UGA. This closer look will potentially provide faculty and staff with additional resources through which they can both build their diversity competencies and identify areas of diversity partnership across the institution.

Enrollment in the courses listed for the Certificate for Diversity and Inclusion are open to all UGA faculty and staff. UGA employees may take courses in pursuit of the certificate or they may take individual courses based on their needs and interests.

Quarterly registration can be completed at . Look for courses with the CDI prefix.

Successful completion of the CDI requires completion of the core course and five elective courses in the program. A variety of courses will be offered each quarter and all of the courses in the program are free.

Course offerings are announced every January, April, July and October. Sessions are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Core Course

Diversity @ UGA: Beyond the Numbers: This course will offer a detailed look at UGA’s diversity by going beyond the historical and demographic interpretations often associated with diversity. It will also highlight some of the diversity initiatives that make up UGA’s diversity networks. Participants in this course will examine the critical roles that faculty and staff can play in enhancing the culture of diversity and inclusion at UGA. This course is offered in the Summer (July) and Winter (January) Quarters. In order to receive the certificate, all participants must complete this core course.

Elective Courses

Note: This list includes examples of the elective courses offered. Actual electives will change depending on the quarter and the availability of instructors.

LGBT Perspectives: This course will be designed to offer new perspectives on faculty and staff interaction with UGA's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. It will offer tools for education, engagement, and deliberate dialogue in order to provide an affirming and inclusive environment for all LGBT students, faculty, and staff.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy: This course is sponsored by the UGA Equal Opportunity Office and will provide participants with an overview of UGA’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, Ombudsperson Program and Affirmative Action Plan. The course will also provide a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to be aware of the daily implication of these policies to their work and address common misconceptions.

True Colors: Engaging Your Personality Style to Embrace Diversity: Using True Colors, participants will be able to identify their “color spectrum” using four cards that represent key personality types and understand how these differences, if not understood, can become barriers to interpersonal communication. The course will also enable participants to learn how to integrate this understanding of personality styles with cultural knowledge to ensure a more harmonious professional and personal environment

Disability and Access Awareness: This course will provide participants an opportunity to enhance their disability-related awareness and learn about campus and community resources for students, faculty and staff with disabilities.

Effective Communications in Diverse Groups: The focus of this course is to provide skills and tools for effective communication in a diverse workplace such as UGA. The course will explore the process of communication, areas of misunderstanding in intercultural and intergroup communication and key variables for effective communication in diverse groups.

After completing the CDI requirements, submit the CDI Completion Form

In order to participate as a graduate in the Embracing Diversity ceremony in September 2018,

your CDI Completion Form must be submitted by 5PM August 10, 2018.