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National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) at UGA

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) at UGA aims to promote awareness and increase campus community members’ capacity to address difficult issues of diversity.

NCBI@UGA is an affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute, a non-profit leadership training organization founded in 1984 to work with colleges, universities and local agencies to build inclusive environments and eliminate prejudice. The NCBI@UGA campus team, led by Talmadge C. Guy, consists of 20 faculty, students and staff trained as facilitators to provide diversity workshops that focus on increasing cultural competence, promoting collaboration and partnerships, and building effects of relationships within and across group identities.

The NCBI diversity/prejudice reduction workshop is an interactive, participatory program designed to promote awareness and increased sensitivity to the many similarities and differences among individuals and groups in society. NCBI@UGA is sponsored by the Office of Institutional Diversity.