Connections: Faculty Student Mentoring Program

The Office of Institutional Diversity seeks to support the engagement of historically underrepresented minority students at UGA. Connections is a faculty-student mentoring program to help support students in their freshmen year.

Faculty engagement with mentees is expected to include periodic interactions and communications over the course of the school year. These engagements supplement first-year initiatives around the university by focusing on academic and professional success. Connections interaction and communication between faculty and students will span the students’ first year at UGA. Engagement beyond this time frame will be at the discretion of the faculty and student.

Connections creates an opportunity for first-year underrepresented students to connect with renowned UGA faculty through a mentoring model based on common interest in academic field of study. The purpose of the program is to increase the retention and success of historically underrepresented minorities at The University of Georgia.

The Office of Institutional Diversity will provide administrative support in order to maximize the best use of faculty and student time. This support will include:
1. Matching of faculty mentors and student mentees;
2. Communication templates for use by faculty;
3. Scheduling assistance when needed.

If you are interested in participation or would like more information, please contact the Office of Institutional Diversity at 706-583-8195. For faculty support, please contact Randolph Carter at For students support, please contact Stephanie Solis Artavia at