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GAAME Weekend

GAAME Students


GAAME Weekend 2024 will take place April 11-13, 2024


What is GAAME?

GAAME is part of the University System of Georgia’s African-American Male Initiative (AAMI®). AAMI is a project launched in 2002 by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) focusing on the enrollment, retention, and graduation of African-American Males. Utilizing a holistic approach, GAAME supports African-American male students throughout their matriculation at the University of Georgia. This approach includes a transition program, academic support services, leadership development, peer and adult mentoring, grade monitoring, and exposure to a multitude of campus resources. Students interested in the program have several ways to engage: GAAME Weekend, GAAME Scholars, and GAAME Ambassadors.


GAAME Weekend

GAAME Weekend is the annual jump-start of the University’s African American Male Initiative, the GAAME Scholars program, a University System of Georgia-supported initiative centered on the success of Black/African American men at the University of Georgia. Kicking off Thursday evening before the April Georgia Daze Weekend, attendees and their parents/guardians will engage with our GAAME Scholars, connect with Black Male Leadership Society members, and meet prominent UGA faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni over an engaging dinner. Afterward, students will stay with their Georgia Daze host in one of our campus residence halls, partaking in strategic programming over the next two days, highlighted by having lunch with UGA President, Jere W. Morehead on Friday. Ultimately, this visit will aid incoming students with a better understanding of the community and culture, as well as the numerous support systems & resources that the University of Georgia offers to further their development as a scholar-leader through our GAAME Scholars program.


GAAME Scholars

The GAAME Scholars program provides additional holistic support to undergraduate African-American male students seeking to enhance their undergraduate experience through engaging in activities intentionally designed to honor and affirm their sense of self. 

Additionally, interested first-year students are invited to apply for our GAAME First-Year Fellows program. A core part of this program is having accepted fellows enroll in our section of the UNIV 1203 Starting Strong: Introductory Seminar for Scholars course. This course provides opportunities for fellows to practice skills regarding motivation, academic, and career exploration; develop academic and professional skills; and, prepare for academic success at UGA. A cohort-based approach, the class cultivates a sustainable community during students' entry into the University.

Learn more about the GAAME Scholars program here


GAAME Ambassadors

GAAME Ambassadors are representatives between the program and our student body. This group of engaged African-American men assist in the planning and implementation of programming, serve as peer mentors, and as support efforts related to the academic and social support of African-American male students. Ambassadors gain vital leadership experience, communication skills, and professional development training through their participation. 

Learn more about our GAAME Ambassadors:Click here!



The University System of Georgia’s (USG) African-American Male Initiative (AAMI®) is a statewide initiative designed to increase the number of African-American males who complete their postsecondary education from any of the USG institutions. Its mission is to provide an integrated program model of academic and social tools that support students around adopting a positive mindset to successfully complete classes, elevate their cumulative GPAs, matriculate through each academic level and graduate. The University of Georgia joined the AAMI project in the 2014 - 2015 academic year with the launch of GAAME. For more information about USG’s AAMI program, please visit their website at the following link: AFRICAN-AMERICAN MALE INITIATIVE



If you have any questions about the program, contact us at (706) 583-8195 or e-mail