Diversity Advisory Council Members

The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is composed of 36 at-large members nominated by each major administrative and academic unit for a one-year term; additionally, there are several ex-officio members available as consultants to provide expertise in various diversity-related areas.

Council Members:

Dr. Melissa Barry, Graduate School

Mr. Eric Bonaparte, Public Service & Outreach

Dr. Joe Broder, College of Agricultural & Enviromental Sciences

Dr. Jose Buitrago, College of Environmental Design

Dr. Anthony C. Capomacchia, College of Pharmacy

Dean Cully Clark, Grady College of Journalism

Ms. Maggie McAllister, Office of Sr. VP for External Affairs

Ms. Margaret Wagner Dahl, Office of VP for Research

Dr. Victoria Davion, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Mark Dawkins, Terry College of Business

Dr. Cheryl Dickson, Medical College of Georgia

Ms. Juliett Dinkins, Public Affairs

Dr. Michelle Garfield Cook, Office of Institutional Diversity

Mr. Tom Gausvik, Human Resources

Dr. Talmadge Guy, Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy <

Ms. Jan Hudson , UGA Libraries

Dr. Patricia Hunt-Hurst, Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors

Dr. Karen Kalivoda, Student Affairs

Dr. Jerry Legge, School of Public & International Affairs

Dr. Kojo Mensa-Wilmot , Department of Cellular Biology

Ms. Jennifer Miracle, Office of Intercultural Affairs

Dr. Larry Morris, Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources

Dr. Pamela Orpinas, College of Public Health

Dr. Jenny Penney-Oliver, College of Education

Ms. Kathy Pharr, Office of Sr. VP for Finance & Administration

Dr. Catherine Pringle, Odum School of Ecology

Mr. Gregory Roseboro, School of Law

Ms. Sylvia Schell, Office of International Affairs and Education

Dr. Donna Bliss, School of Social Work

Ms. Holley Schramski, Office of Sr. VP for Finance & Administration

Mr. Steve Shewmaker, Legal Affairs Office

Ms. Maritza Soto-Keen, Office of the VP for Public Service & Outreach

Dr. Kecia Thomas, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Jace Weaver, Institute of Native American Studies

Dr. Carla Williams, Athletic

Dr. Susan Williams, College of Veterinary Medicine

Mr. Matthew Winston, Office of the President