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President’s Fulfilling the Dream Award

The President’s Fulfilling the Dream Award recognizes individuals in the University of Georgia and Athens‐Clarke County community who have applied Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ideology to make a significant contribution regarding race relations, justice and/or human rights. The award is presented annually at the MLK Freedom Breakfast, which held in January at the University of Georgia. 

Click here to complete application: 2018 APPLICATION

Below is a complete list of the past winners.

2017 Recipients 

  • Ms. Elizabeth Louis
  • Dr. Barbara McCaskill
  • Mr. Fred O. Smith & Mrs. Lee Zimmerman Smith

2016 Recipients 

  • Dr. William Kisaalita
  • Mr. Homer Wilson
  • Mr. Darren Anglin

2015 Recipients 

  • Mr. Charles King
  • Mr. Lemuel LaRoche
  • Ms. Joan Prittie
  • Ms. Ericka "Ricky" Roberts

2014 Recipients 

  • Mr. Dervin Cunningham
  • Dr. Mark Dawkins
  • Mr. Ernest Hardaway

2013 Recipients

  • Dr. Mark A. Farmer
  • Mr. Stewart Zellars
  • Dr. Walter R. Allen, Sr.

2012 Recipients

  • Dr. Corey W. Johnson
  • Roberta Gardner
  • Attawa J. Childers

2011 Recipients

  • Mr. Joshua Delaney
  • Ms. Donna Wilkins
  • Dr. Dawn D. Bennett‐Alexander

2010 Recipients

  • Ms. Angela Denise Gay
  • Mr. Willie James
  • Dr. Pamela Kleiber

2009 Recipients

  • Dr. Art Dunning
  • Sheriff Ira Edwards Jr.
  • Mr. Felton L. Hudson
  • Dr. Jenny Penney Oliver

2008 Recipients

  • Mrs. Patricia Clifton
  • Mr. Derrick Floyd
  • Dr. Robert Hill
  • Ms. Esther Sherman

2007 Recipients

  • Dr. Maurice C. Daniels
  • The Honorable Judge Steve C. Jones
  • Dr. Maria Navarro
  • Mr. Karl A. Scott
  • Mr. Harry L. Sims

2006 Recipients

  • Mrs. Christine Harris
  • Rev. Archibald R. Killian
  • Ms. Esperanza Mejia
  • Rev. David Nunnally, Sr.

2005 Recipients

  • Ms. Barbara Thurmond
  • Archibald Dr. Talmadge
  • Guy Sister Margarita Martin

2004 Recipients

  • Dr. David C. Berle
  • Ms. Trudy Bradley
  • Ms. Evelyn C. Neely
  • Dr. Robert A. Pratt