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Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion

The Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) engages UGA faculty and staff in building capacity to contribute to and sustain a diverse and inclusive campus environment. The CDI is offered in partnership with the Human Resources Training and Development Department and other diversity-related office and programs across the institution. As part of the Office of Institutional Diversity mission to enhance and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment for learning, teaching, research and service at University of Georgia, the CDI focuses on four objectives:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of diversity as an institutional imperative.

  • Expand access to and participation in diversity-based professional learning and development opportunities.

  • Promote interdisciplinary and inter-professional engagement of faculty and staff in institutional diversity efforts.

  • Identify and support resource sharing, collaboration, and the cultivation of strategic partnerships to enhance institutional capacity to achieve inclusive excellence.

Enrollment in the courses listed for the Certificate for Diversity and Inclusion is open to all UGA faculty and staff. Successful completion of the CDI requires completion of Diversity at UGA: Beyond the Numbers (core course) and five elective courses.There is no cost to enroll. Faculty and staff may take courses in pursuit of the earning the certificate or may take individual courses based on needs and interests.

Course offerings are announced each semester. Sessions are filled on a first come first serve basis.

To see a current course list and registration information, click here to visit the UGA Training and Development Department website. Look for the CDI prefix.

For more information, contact the Office of Institutional Diversity here.

Core Course:

CDI: Diversity at UGA-Beyond the Numbers
This interactive course provides an introduction of key concepts related to diversity and a detailed look at UGA diversity—beyond the historical and demographic interpretations often associated with diversity. The purpose of this course is to establish a common diversity language at UGA and to highlight some of the diversity initiatives that make up UGA’s diversity network. Participants examine strategic opportunities for faculty and staff to enhance diversity and inclusion at UGA. This is a required course for participants to complete the Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion. This class is being held online via Zoom.

Common Course List:

CDI: Emotional Intelligence and Diversity
This course is an introduction to the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity (EID) model. The four-part model provides a framework to enhance our capacity to understand and navigate the complexities of diversity in the workplace. This is an elective course for the Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion. This class is being held online via Zoom.

CDI: Countering Unconscious Bias
In this course, participants will develop an understanding of ‘unconscious bias’, how it impacts our interactions with others, and ways to identify and manage it. This is an elective course for the Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion. This class is being held online via Zoom.

CDI: Organizational Excellence through Diversity
In this course, participants will examine their own organizations in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Content will cover the steps and processes necessary to create a systemic model of diversity management.  

CDI: Deepening Dialoguesin Diversity
In an effort to inspire and support dialogue surrounding DEI issues, this course will review the process of planning, creating, and engaging in crucial conversations with others. Participants will learn various conversational techniques and explore practical applications for utilizing them in their classroom, workplace, and community. 

CDI: Global Dawgs (facilitated by campus partners)
Global Dawgs is a training workshop for UGA faculty and staff to explore and develop intercultural competency and communication skills. It also allows for participants to learn more about international students at the University and learn best practices to support international students on campus. Participants will learn effective intercultural communication skills and develop a toolkit of resources to best support international students and develop an intercultural perspective. This class counts as an elective course for the Certificate of Diversity and Inclusion.

UGA's Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and the USG Sexual Misconduct Policy (facilitated by campus partners)
An interactive, introductory course on the Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (NDAH) Policy and Sexual Misconduct Policy (SMP) that explains the practical applications of each Policy – what kind of conduct the Policy prohibits, the reporting responsibilities of University employees, and discussions of case studies.  Topics covered include: to whom and where the policies apply; definitions of discrimination and harassment, including sexual misconduct; what to do if you’re aware that discrimination or harassment is occurring; mandatory reporting obligations for persons in positions of authority; and EOO procedures for responding to and/or investigating complaints under each policy. This course is recommended for all University employees and counts as an elective toward the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate.

CDI: Best Practices for Accommodating Students and Employees with Disabilities (facilitated by campus partners)
This class will discuss the University compliance obligations under Section 504 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as relates to UGA students, employees, and other University community members with disabilities. The class will explain the respective responsibilities of the person with a disability and the University in terms of making requests for accommodations and participating in the interactive process to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be provided. The class will also explain the respective roles of UGAs Disability Resource Center, Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity Office in responding to requests for accommodations and insuring legal compliance, and will discuss examples of reasonable accommodations.

CDI: Got Your Six-Supporting UGA’s Student Veterans (facilitated by campus partners)
There are over 19,000,000 veterans in the United States, of which, less than 250 attend the University of Georgia. The purpose of this course is to provide participants an awareness of the UGA's student veteran population and explore the challenges/opportunities facing this population. At the conclusion of the workshop, all participants will receive a Got Your Six sticker to show their support of UGA's student veterans.

CDI: Diversity through Dance (facilitated by campus partners)
This workshop combines movement, interactive group discussion, hands-on activities and lecture to immerse us in embodied practices of cultural diversity. We will come to see and feel the ancient art of dance for what it is at its deepest roots: a vehicle for building human connection through kinesthetic empathy.

We will experience a repertoire of Latin dance moves such as Merengue, Salsa and Bachata to engage in joyful and rhythmic forms of cultural awareness. We will help each other step out of our often-deceptive cultural comfort zones into a new, open space of experiential connection, collective empowerment and democratic understanding. Throughout, the deep power of music in motion will bring us to feel and see each other as one. No prior dance skills are required. To learn more, click here

CDI: It’s Really NOT All in Your Head: Understanding Mental Health Disabilities (facilitated by campus partners)
This course will introduce some of the more common mental health diagnoses found among our student population. We will review symptoms and discuss the ways in which these symptoms cause impairments in the academic environment. We will then introduce the audience to a variety of accommodations that are used to support students in order to overcome the barriers they face to accessing their educational opportunities.

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CDI Completion Form

After completing the CDI requirements, submit the CDI Completion Form.

To participate as a graduate in the 2021 Embracing Diversity ceremony, your CDI Completion Form must be submitted by Friday, July 31, 2021.

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