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Xtension is a first-year program within the Office of Institutional Diversity geared towards fostering organic relationships between first-year Black/African-American students and their upper-class peers who are likely to relate to their experiences here at UGA. Students are paired in small groups using a cohort model with two upper-class peer leaders. Completely coordinated and facilitated by current students, Xtension cultivates a space where students are encouraged to come as they are, delivering their most honest truths, struggles, and lessons, ensuring its members have a vast community of support. Additionally, through the peer-to-peer model, lasting bonds amongst students are formed, allowing first-year Black/African American students to more successfully transition into the institution, finding their community inside and outside the classroom. Lastly, Xtension's intentional programming enables students to organically discover the wealth of resources available throughout the institution while affirming who they are and solidifying the foundation for their continued social, professional, and academic success beyond their first year at the University of Georgia. 

For more information on Xtension, please contact us at or 706-583-8195.